Productivity And Being Sentimentally You

I can’t think of something more unproductive than sitting down and pondering the same idea for a whole half a day. A creative idea that came out of your brain that seemed so groundbreaking, only for others to shake their head in disapproval once you’ve presented it. Oh, that lethargy! We’ll only ever be able to win the sympathy of those who’ve experienced the same.

To whom may feel lethargic.

We fall down hundreds of times over but it’s still a difficult process to grow accustomed to. We struggle to tear ourselves away from our mundane lives and comfort zones. You could realise heaven in a split second: it could be through a freshly opened beer after a long shower, or buying that thing you’ve always desired without credit. They all satisfy the moment, yet they don’t fulfill anything. You may find whatever that’s written down here to be very opinionated - how does human sentiment makes us more productive?

We spend half the day wandering lost, to no end.

In a mundane life: we take a break to chat with colleagues, smoke and stare off into space, to pee, to eat and scroll on our phones. This is all without a single thought for ourselves – if we have chilli powder stuck between our teeth, hairs falling our of our noses of if our feet simply stink. The moments in a day become a week, and then an empty month that we’ll probably look back on and blame ourselves with the horrible rational that “life is meaningless”. A flat, reticent, unexpressive living without sentiment.

Sincerely, yourself.

When am I ever truly myself? Have you ever stayed comfortable with your senses, your sounds, your smells, all just to please yourself? Our brain is quite genius in the way that it meticulously stores stimulating memories for our sentiment to use to motivate us throughout phases of our lives. For example - if most days were sunny, we’d have a good excuse to be more sentimental on a rainy or snowy day1. It’d be the perfect time to put on those favourite ballads, jazz tracks or whatever you fancy to soothe yourself through the wet and fog. And we’ll have that perfect excuse to be more tired and reluctant to work after seeing everyone dry the wet off their shoulders and legs after escaping the rain. Then there would be the sentiment that you can influence yourself. A prime example of this would be that one playlist you love to repeat – it’d be a real journey to trace the nostalgia back to when you first discovered this track, or the other. And a tape rewind to the person you were back then.

“It could be the moment you were sitting on the earth scented schoolyard, jotting down the lyrics to the song while listening to your old mp3 with a dying battery. Or as cliché as that song your first love innocently sang to you”

Express more (give yourself a voice)

There’s a world of a million different things that could strike your sentiment. A sentiment that breeds creativity, passion and love for life – three key components in keeping yourself productive. If you find it difficult to enjoy ‘you inside’ due to limited space and time, plug in your earpieces and enjoy your favourite, nostalgic songs on-the-go. Continue that sentiment by jotting down in your diary, doodling, taking a walk2, observing your face thoroughly in the mirror – the possibilities are endless and should be tailored to your own familiarities and likings3.

Keep it up, geniuses.

No one is a genius. You being yourself is prodigiously genius. Every one of you stands out, in your very own way. The thing that matters most is the thoughts that you have inside. As a person, you’re the only ‘you’ you’re ever going to get, and there’s nothing more unproductive than having yourself compared to someone else - especially if you’re the one comparing. Spend your day turning your thoughts and feelings into productive expression, let your day be truly yours, and don’t let your own life suck ‘you’ out of yourself.

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