How I Started To Design My Learning Journey, And How You Could Too.

It has been 2 months since I left my program at Hyper Island, one value that was imparted to us and that stook to me like glue was the philosophy of “Learning for Life”

Lifelong Learning

“At Hyper Island learning isn’t contained in a classroom or a course. Learning is a way of life: being constantly engaged, passionate, trusting and curious about the changing world, and learning by doing.”

Driven by the relentless flow of inspiration and motivation from the program, I started asking myself: “what’s next?”. How can I continue to not only learn but to also apply my learning in practice in order to accelerate my learning process? What does it really mean to be a learner for life? In order to achieve this, I began to look within: into how I could design productive learning experiences within my own personal space. And hopefully, through my own experiences, you could take the first few steps with me towards transforming your lifelong learning journey.

Let’s start from “Why”

The rich source of information available in writing offers an extensive wealth of knowledge and a constant source of learning: all shared by the prolific storytellers and minds of our time. Fill your free time with reading of all sorts, from online articles to books and newspapers, the medium doesn’t matter - the reading does.

“The medium is the message. Read the message.”

Listen more.

In order to hear more, we need to listen. Really listen. People love to talk: being able to express is a novel thing that allows us to really feel and build emotional intelligence. I ask for feedback and I clarify when I’m uncertain. Self-awareness is a powerful learning tool that helps frame your values and behaviour to find the right fit for your purpose.

Share more.

It’s foolhardy to underestimate the power of sharing. Start building your network with the power of the collective intelligence. Sharing your work helps contribute back to your purpose, a purpose that may be shared by other individuals or teams. Working transparently offers opportunities in multiple folds. Again, staying true to your purpose, transparency helps you commit to the trajectory you set your eyes on.

Learn by doing.

Lastly, practice makes perfect. I started to reframe how I viewed learning beyond just what we learnt in the program. I developed an impulse to take each opportunity as a planned learning experiment, setting desired outcomes in mind but more importantly, to just do it. This world is our classroom, and we are all it’s constant students.

Hyper Island Learning Spiral

These principles blend well together with the 70:20:10 rule. A learning and development reference model that helps us provide a contextual indication of three types of learning we should engage in. We learn 70% through experience, 20% through others and 10% from formal education. Through this framework, I can design my learning journey more holistically across the three different learning types.

Though I try constantly to put this into play, this is never set in stone. Continuous and consistent self-reflection moulds how I approach the process itself as a learning experience. How to understand this approach best? Drive it from your own purpose, align it to your own calling and reiterate, reiterate, and reiterate. And when it’s all over, you’ll be well on your way towards designing your own learning journey.

I would love to hear how you create opportunities to learn, join in the conversation at @ or in the comments section below!

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